Data & Analytics

Topics on Data & Analytics

Main D&A courses to teach concepts and frameworks in Data
Analytics, IoT, IoT in Action and Data Platforms


Discover how data driven initiatives could enhance your company’s digital journey and transform your business processes.

Big Data

Understanding why the Big Data Era has come to be and its landscape including examples of real world big data problems and the key sources

Advanced Analytics

Learn about the advance analytics use cases across industries and functions, from Sales & Marketing to Supply Chain and Operations.


Learn about the potential of IoT, the digitally connected universe of everyday physical devices, sensors, hardwares and get familiar with the IoT platforms.

Modern Data Platforms

Grasp the understanding of the latest digital data platform strategies, technologies and trends to drive data driven business transformation.

IoT in Action

Learning real life IOT examples and practices from IoT professionals

Use Case Examples

Learn and discuss industry specific use case examples, directly with the analytics practioners who implement them.

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